Learning to Live Within Your Means is a Good Thing

If you follow the crowd, spending at your house will spiral out of control. I like it that my little family is different. We do not broadcast it or write books about it, but we make it a point to control our expenses rather than letting them control us. It is not about being miserly, it is about making sure there is always enough. We make it a point to save on all purchases and our monthly bills. I recently went to saveoninternet.us/satellite-internet/ to see about cutting our Internet costs without cutting back speed or quality of service.

Neither my wife or I have been fond of waste. We are not ultra-conservationist types. We are just prudent like our grandparents are. We have neighbors who live a little excessively, especially when you see how little they actually make. Some people have caviar tastes on a canned soup income. We are not like that. We make sure the kids see the bills we pay every month. They see how much it costs for their broadband Internet. The see the checks written out to cover the electricity and gas bills. They are responsible for overages on the data plan for their cell phones. Responsibility prompts action. If you know you have to pay for it, you will not waste it.

I was really happy when we were sitting around the kitchen table paying the bills the other day and they offered a way of saving money on our Internet service. We all looked at the saveoninternet.us/satellite-internet/ together to see if it would work for us. Compared to what we were paying for Internet service, the savings was obvious. We voted on it as a family after reading the fine print and switched Internet service. It is how we do things here at our house. We are trying to teach the kids to survive on their own.

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A Birthday Limo and Lame Jokes from a Brother to a Sister

We flew in to celebrate my sister's birthday with her. It is her 45th birthday and she is feeling old. Her and her husband have two kids, and they both have moved out into their own apartments. My sister was feeling depressed over the numbers four and five being together for her years. I asked her about it. She said that 44 sounded cooler and less old. I told her to hang onto her hat because 50 is fast approaching! She was there to celebrate my 50th birthday so my wife and I got a limo for Toronto to go out on the town. The goal was to help her feel better.

My wife made sure to go out with her so they could both get new dresses. And that meant my brother-in-law and me would be doing the monkey suit thing for whatever formal arrangements were being made. The girls wanted to see a show or very good play. The limo just made the experience all that much better. It was fun to be able to talk and laugh while someone else drove. It was very nice on the way back to the hotel to not be driving. I was tired and had jet lag from flying in from the west. The girls were full of energy.

My wife and my sister get along as if they were sisters. They had a great time together, and it really helped my sister face her 45th without the kids being home. Her and her husband have been talking about moving closer to where we are. I told her how back home in the states out west that it is a whole lot warmer in the winter. I told her that her old bones would appreciate it. Yes, it seems like something you would not want to say to a person depressed over their age, but my sister and I have a relationship like that.

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Started to Work on the Latest Project

I have been called in here to take over a little project that is about half done and I am doing quite well so far. When I got here the shell of the building was already up, but there was a big dispute over payment to some of the contractors. I had to go find a new heating and air conditioning contractor because of that. It was not that difficult. I found a place with a good price at once. They advertise themselves as your trusted aircon servicing company in Singapore, but of course I was only concerned that they could finish up the job and keep it on time and on schedule. The guy who hired me put me on a salary, but he promised me a bonus if I got the job back on the rails. Of course he was facing real pressure to get this done. He gets a bonus for having the job done and he gets to pay a huge penalty if he is behind schedule when it gets completed.

Of course all this means that I have this guy looking over my shoulder a lot. He is trying not to do it, but he can not help himself. The guy has a lot of pressure on him and he has people watching him on this.It is not as though I do not see why he is worried. In fact I think he goes down the tubes if it is a real disaster. Almost all of these guys live up to their eye balls in debt and you get to where you can see the ones who are really in trouble. You see that look in their eyes and you know that they do not have any back up plan for if their latest project goes sour.

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A New Home by the Sea

When I was offered a position at a rival company last year, I knew that this was my chance to make something of myself in the business world. While some people may think it is not ethical to go to the competition, it is the nature of the industry that I am in. It did mean moving away from the only area I had lived in all of my life, but I was okay with that after doing a search for a new launch EC in Singapore.

I wanted to find a nice condo that my wife and I could raise our two small children in. Since I was hoping to keep this job until my retirement, I definitely wanted a condo that was in the right neighborhood for children, no matter their ages. My wife was looking at different developments, and that is how she found Sea Horizon. It is a new condo development that has everything we could possibly want, and then some! Not only is it the perfect place to raise a family, it is also the perfect place for just about anything else that my wife and I could want.

It is situated right on the sea, and the unit that we were able to get has a spectacular view. The schools that our children will be attending are some of the best in Singapore, and the entertainment options are plentiful too. It is right on the sea and close to my work, plus there is a theme park, the airport, and many other things right in the same neighborhood. We were able to see the layouts of each condo online, and we knew that we really did not want to be anywhere else other than at Sea Horizon. Thankfully, it was easy and quick for us to get a condo there, and we have been so happy since.

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A Business for Computer Repair

I came up with the idea of starting a local bsuiness that could repair electronic items and repurpose old technology for people. For my business, I needed to find Singapore office space for rent. The office would be my main base of operations. I planned to fill the office with tools and machines that would allow me to make various repairs. Some of the repairs would range from simply installing new parts into something, and to bigger things like removing solder connections and taking apart an entire computer. The skill to do these various tasks takes a lot of knowledge.

I looke donlione and found just the office space I needed. The space was affordable, so I contacted the owner and made an offer. The owner agreed to the price, and I had my own space. With that out of the way, I started ordering my equipment. Setting up the equipment was quite a task, because some of the machines were pretty heavy. The biggest machine in my office was a machine that applies heat to circuit boards and aids in the process of reballing processors. I had to get my brother to help me move it into place.

Once I had everything set up, I started advertising my business. I made fliers and stuck them up around the city. My brother helped out by putting fliers up as well and passing around business cards. I paid for a commercial to be aired on a local television station. After a week, I started to get a regular flow of customers. Many people who were coming into the office were people who all had a particular type of laptop. The laptop was overheating and shutting off. I was able to repair them all by taking apart the laptop and giving them a good cleaning.

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The Freedom the DirecTV Genie Satellite Box Gives to Family TV Viewing and DVR Recording

The newest DirecTV Genie satellite receiver box has a lot of features our old cable box could not compete with. We called the cable company and asked them if they had an upgrade that would compete. They still only had DVRs that could only record two things at once. The DirecTV box can record up to five things at the same time. If you have cable DVR, you know how frustrating it is to have two things recording and you can't watch another show without canceling a recording. That happened all the time with our cable box.

I also like it that they had more full time HD channels than our cable company. Another nice thing is that with DirecTV, you have one main box and the other ones are really tiny. The cable system in your house is tied in with the main box. This means you can watch whatever is recorded on the main box. You can pause it on one TV and pick up where you left off on another TV. Five things can be going on at one time. You can either have five TVs all watching something separate, recording five things or a mix of the two.

Think of it as five options per main satellite box. If you have three TVs in your house all watching separate channels at the same time, that takes up three of the five spots. You can still be recording two things while each of the three TVs are watching different shows because that equals five. Oh, and you can record to the main box from any TV connected to it. If you have two TVs on one main receiver, that leaves three spots open for recording while the two TVs are watching different shows because that equals five. If you do happen to have a really big house with a lot of televisions and family who want to watch and record, just add another main receiver to one of the TVs. Each TV connected to a main receiver can watch whatever is recorded on its DVR.

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