I Want to Feel and Look Better

I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. I gained a lot of weight because of the medication that I was on. I thought that this was normal for everyone, but I discovered that there are quite a few people on that medication who do not gain weight at all. That made me curious, and I really learned a lot about myself. I realized that it was more my bad habits than the medication that caused me to gain weight. I decided to go online and get some science based nutritional advice because I was tired of living the way that I was.

The cancer caused a bit of depression, but hearing that I was in remission made the depression just melt away. I was a lot heavier than I had ever been in my life, and I was ready to take control for the first time ever. However, I knew that I could not do this on my own. I knew that I needed all the help I could get, which meant more than just my family and friends supporting me. I needed real advice about nutrition that was more than just someone's opinion. I needed facts that would help me to start eating the right foods.

I looked at several different websites, and it did not take me long to find the one that I wanted to use. It has all kinds of information on it about nutrition and exercise, and I honestly needed help in both areas. I was able to read articles about the best foods to eat, and the surprising foods to avoid. I put what I learned in practice the same day that I read about these foods, and I have started losing the weight I had gained. I am not going to stop though, because I want to feel this good all of the time!

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Termites Make Themselves Right at Home

Termites love nothing more than a warm home with plenty of real wood to devour. That's what makes termites so destructive as a household pest - they can quickly colonize an entire home with months, especially with the presence of a queen on the premises. Termites in NYC present themselves as a serious problem for many within the five boroughs due to the age of the buildings found there. Most modern real estate doesn't have to concern itself with termites due to how the wood is treated but houses older then 20-30 years old should be regularly inspected by pest control professionals. If your neighborhood has a home or homes that have been abandoned, make sure that they too are being regularly seen by pest control. It won't matter much if your infested home is cleared of termites if another home nearby is colonized with them; they'll simply make a return and attempt to invade your house again.

Another common place to find termites is in wood piles and sheds. We rarely think about these places becoming nests for termites but having a wood pile near the home gives them the perfect opportunity to move a queen in. Don't leave your home vulnerable to these destructive pests. In the long run, they can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in damage. I had this happen to my first home. I ignored this decrepit tool shed in the backyard and had planned on simply tearing it down whenever I got the time. Little did I know how bad it really was (and it took no time to tear down thanks to the termites destroying the wood). Within a few months of moving in, the termites had followed suit and I was left with a $500 bill for fogging and repairs to the door frames they had devoured.

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We Have a New Lead Singer

My brother and I have formed a new band with this really beautiful girl that we met about a month or so ago. Of course that is a big deal, you want to have a good looking person fronting your band if they are a good singer. If they can sing, then it does not matter if they look like a Victoria's Secret lingerie model. She is part Jamaican and part French, which results in a really exotic look. She wears long curly clip in hair extensions and we decided that the best thing was to hire a girl to help her get ready for the shows. She is the one who is going to make or break this band we believe and the truth is that we figure it might be best to just let her name go up on the marquee. It is probably going to end up that way in the end. However we are thinking that we are going to make it so that both her name and the band's name are on the marquee. We have been working as musicians for about a decade now and I have been in almost a dozen different bands in that time. In fact I have began to work in two or three bands at once in the last couple of years. If one of them were to take off that would lead me to focus on one of them, but in fact I have been involved in a lot of poor efforts, or bands where one or more person was not really prepared to commit to the project. You have to find people who are both reliable and competent. A lot of the time the best musicians are really difficult for you to deal with for a lot of different reasons.

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