A Birthday Limo and Lame Jokes from a Brother to a Sister

We flew in to celebrate my sister’s birthday with her. It is her 45th birthday and she is feeling old. Her and her husband have two kids, and they both have moved out into their own apartments. My sister was feeling depressed over the numbers four and five being together for her years. I asked her about it. She said that 44 sounded cooler and less old. I told her to hang onto her hat because 50 is fast approaching! She was there to celebrate my 50th birthday so my wife and I got a limo for Toronto to go out on the town. The goal was to help her feel better.

My wife made sure to go out with her so they could both get new dresses. And that meant my brother-in-law and me would be doing the monkey suit thing for whatever formal arrangements were being made. The girls wanted to see a show or very good play. The limo just made the experience all that much better. It was fun to be able to talk and laugh while someone else drove. It was very nice on the way back to the hotel to not be driving. I was tired and had jet lag from flying in from the west. The girls were full of energy.

My wife and my sister get along as if they were sisters. They had a great time together, and it really helped my sister face her 45th without the kids being home. Her and her husband have been talking about moving closer to where we are. I told her how back home in the states out west that it is a whole lot warmer in the winter. I told her that her old bones would appreciate it. Yes, it seems like something you would not want to say to a person depressed over their age, but my sister and I have a relationship like that.

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