A New Home by the Sea

When I was offered a position at a rival company last year, I knew that this was my chance to make something of myself in the business world. While some people may think it is not ethical to go to the competition, it is the nature of the industry that I am in. It did mean moving away from the only area I had lived in all of my life, but I was okay with that after doing a search for a new launch EC in Singapore.

I wanted to find a nice condo that my wife and I could raise our two small children in. Since I was hoping to keep this job until my retirement, I definitely wanted a condo that was in the right neighborhood for children, no matter their ages. My wife was looking at different developments, and that is how she found Sea Horizon. It is a new condo development that has everything we could possibly want, and then some! Not only is it the perfect place to raise a family, it is also the perfect place for just about anything else that my wife and I could want.

It is situated right on the sea, and the unit that we were able to get has a spectacular view. The schools that our children will be attending are some of the best in Singapore, and the entertainment options are plentiful too. It is right on the sea and close to my work, plus there is a theme park, the airport, and many other things right in the same neighborhood. We were able to see the layouts of each condo online, and we knew that we really did not want to be anywhere else other than at Sea Horizon. Thankfully, it was easy and quick for us to get a condo there, and we have been so happy since.

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