Be Clutter Free by Renting a Storage Space

You know you have it. We all do. It is stuff that always gets in your way to the point your house feels cluttered. Do you have things put away in plastic storage containers stuffed under the bed? Maybe you have a few taking up space in the corner of a bedroom. Then your mother-in-law comes over, and she rolls her eyes at your housekeeping methods. Nothing is dirty, it is just cluttered. You need more space. That was what things were like at our house. If that is you, then you need to click here to take a look at the solution we decided to go for.

We had things we used throughout the year at different times. Their use may only be for a short period of time, but you do not want to just throw the stuff away and buy new every year. For us, it was holiday decorations, clothes, archived paper letters, receipts and other documents, some collectibles passed down from my grandfather and things we bring out when relatives visit. We kept everything neatly packed, but we had no place in our apartment to hide the stuff out of sight. There is only so many square feet in the bottom of closets. Our building did not have any tenant storage areas in the lower level, so we rented a storage space. It is within walking distance of our apartment.

It is no big deal to stop by the storage unit on the way home from work and tote a plastic bin with holiday decorations or some clothes we want to wear. Then the next day I will take something back to the storage unit. This way we maintain the same clutter-free environment in our home. My mother-in-law no longer rolls her eyes when she walks into our bedroom. Everything is put away, and nothing is taking up space in the corners of the room.

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