Started to Work on the Latest Project

I have been called in here to take over a little project that is about half done and I am doing quite well so far. When I got here the shell of the building was already up, but there was a big dispute over payment to some of the contractors. I had to go find a new heating and air conditioning contractor because of that. It was not that difficult. I found a place with a good price at once. They advertise themselves as your trusted aircon servicing company in Singapore, but of course I was only concerned that they could finish up the job and keep it on time and on schedule. The guy who hired me put me on a salary, but he promised me a bonus if I got the job back on the rails. Of course he was facing real pressure to get this done. He gets a bonus for having the job done and he gets to pay a huge penalty if he is behind schedule when it gets completed.

Of course all this means that I have this guy looking over my shoulder a lot. He is trying not to do it, but he can not help himself. The guy has a lot of pressure on him and he has people watching him on this.It is not as though I do not see why he is worried. In fact I think he goes down the tubes if it is a real disaster. Almost all of these guys live up to their eye balls in debt and you get to where you can see the ones who are really in trouble. You see that look in their eyes and you know that they do not have any back up plan for if their latest project goes sour.

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