We Have a New Lead Singer

My brother and I have formed a new band with this really beautiful girl that we met about a month or so ago. Of course that is a big deal, you want to have a good looking person fronting your band if they are a good singer. If they can sing, then it does not matter if they look like a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model. She is part Jamaican and part French, which results in a really exotic look. She wears long curly clip in hair extensions and we decided that the best thing was to hire a girl to help her get ready for the shows. She is the one who is going to make or break this band we believe and the truth is that we figure it might be best to just let her name go up on the marquee. It is probably going to end up that way in the end. However we are thinking that we are going to make it so that both her name and the band’s name are on the marquee. We have been working as musicians for about a decade now and I have been in almost a dozen different bands in that time. In fact I have began to work in two or three bands at once in the last couple of years. If one of them were to take off that would lead me to focus on one of them, but in fact I have been involved in a lot of poor efforts, or bands where one or more person was not really prepared to commit to the project. You have to find people who are both reliable and competent. A lot of the time the best musicians are really difficult for you to deal with for a lot of different reasons.

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