What if What is Happening in the Ukraine News Was Happening to You?

What if Canada invaded us and was succeeding in taking over? Would you really care about the politics if soldiers in the streets were killing your husbands and brothers who were standing up to fight? Would you even give any notice to what a reporter’s take was on why it was happening if your wife or children were killed in an attack that had civilian collateral damage? You can see this stuff happening in the Ukraine news and the news media here. Over here we are hashing out on news programs the intricacies of why Russia is invading the Ukraine while the people there still suffer.

Humanitarian aid organizations and other charities are mounting an effort to relieve the suffering, but the task is huge. People there need food, medicine, water and shelter. They need to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They need doctors to treat their wounds and illnesses that are just getting worse as the attacks continue. Politics will drone on for years, but the hurt is happening right now. I do not really care about the hows and whys because I am not a politician. All I know is that human beings are suffering.

Does seeing children suffer tug at your heartstrings? Well, there is no lack of children suffering in the Ukraine. Does seeing civilians injured in military operations bother you? Well, there is no shortage of that either. War is messy. It does not just kill professional soldiers. It kills those who have no thoughts of war in their hearts too. It kills innocence even if it does not kill the body. Helping by providing food, shelter, medical aid and other basic needs of life can make all the difference. Even if you can only help just one person a very little bit, it would mean the world to the person who is being helped.

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